Simmons College

“After ten years and 12 projects together, I am very pleased to write this testimonial for Lee Kennedy Co. Over the years, your team’s expertise has helped Simmons complete a diverse range of much-needed campus projects. Regardless of the scope of work or the inherent challenges of working on an active college campus, the professionalism, integrity and hard work that your team brought to each project never wavered.

Lee Kennedy Co. consistently demonstrated a commitment to helping us reach our program goals. The team members also went out of their way to familiarize themselves with daily campus operations and communicate upcoming construction activities. Your superintendents and project managers coordinated with the Simmons team successfully to minimize construction impacts on our campus even during the most complicated and potentially disruptive construction activities.

The partnering approach that Lee Kennedy Co. brought to its work at Simmons College fostered a true spirit of cooperation, collaboration and trust among our two teams.”

– Janet Fishstein, Assistant Vice President, Administration