Robert A.M. Stern Architects

The Lee Kennedy Company was a great partner to the Harvard Kennedy School and to Robert A.M. Stern Architects on HKS’ Campus Transformation Project, and I am pleased to recommend them for future projects. Throughout a very challenging project, the Lee Kennedy team provided excellent service to the client and solid collaboration to design team—helping us to do our best for the client as well. They are dedicated to the principle that, on complex projects like ours, success for one is impossible without success for all.

Lee Kennedy provided insightful and responsive pre-construction services. As the Kennedy School asked the design team for options, Lee Kennedy was right beside us to study solutions for feasibility, cost, and schedule. Lee Kennedy was equally collaborative when it came to cost estimating and value management. The laborious process of estimating, reconciling, and value management is something a client rarely considers beyond the final budget report, but the Lee
Kennedy team was a true partner in this area as well—eager to identify the key priorities of all members of the project team so that the budget was met while building a project of the design and construction quality that the client rightly expected.

My highest praise goes to the Lee Kennedy team in the field. The superintendent and project manager were professional and scrupulous—truly dedicated to the success of the project and the satisfaction of the client. There are tough moments and unexpected crises that come up on any construction site. On the HKS project, part of our success in handling them was due to the open and honest communication that the superintendent and project manager always maintained with the design team and, most importantly, HKS’ leadership team. I always felt that Lee Kennedy always put the client first.