Harvard University

“We write to acknowledge the valuable services and teamwork of the Lee Kennedy Company. For a project of this length, scale, and complexity to be finished on schedule and within budget speaks to the Lee Kennedy team’s dedication and close attention to every detail. The complexities of literally working around the books, the staff, and the library users offered exceptional challenges that required strong teamwork and a ready flexibility. Site constraints and scheduling limits were all approached as part of the challenge for which sound solutions were developed. Lee Kennedy Company can be proud of the level of service provided as well as the consistent posture of customer service. The experience, skill, and cooperative spirit of the assigned Lee Kennedy team helped the Library’s administration meet our key commitment to keep the library open and operational throughout all phases of the work.

With your help we have been able to restore Widener Library, respecting its historical architecture and at the same time, creating a state of the art research facility. Looking back to our preliminary discussions, we cannot state too strongly how pleased we are that we selected Lee Kennedy Company to work with us on this project.”

– Nancy Cline, Roy E. Larsen Library of Harvard College
– Susan Lee, Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Planning & Administration