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Building Information Modeling

As it turns out, BIM isn’t just a buzzword. BIM is standard issue in today’s environment. LKCo. has been successful in its implementation of BIM on multiple projects. We have experienced first-hand how much time and money can be saved and how coordination and planning efforts can be drastically reduced by utilizing this technology.

Click this video to see the 4D animation our team ran for our Parcel K project in the Seaport. This 4D simulation made it easy to clearly communicate the construction sequencing of the building.

We have also recently completed a case study with Autodesk about our use of BIM 360 Glue on the Harvard Business School Chao Center project. The case study can be viewed here: http://static-dc.autodesk.net/content/dam/autodesk/www/case-studies/Lee-Kennedy/autodesk_customer_success_story_lee_kennedy_en_us_v2.pdf


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